New Start Massage & Wellness
"Specializing in Pain Relief Through Massage"

About the Practitioner

Hello and Welcome to New Start Massage & Wellness, thank you for finding me.  

For nearly 3 decades, I have been improving people’s lives in healthcare.  My career began as a First Responder/Paramedic serving my community and helping people find comfort in emergency situations than transitioned to Alternative Medicine in October 2000 when I was introduced to the healing of power of touch through massage therapy.

During my career I have expanded my knowledge of the human body and how movement is created, and have supplemented my skills with techniques and modalities that bring comfort, improved mobility and stress relief to better serve my clients.  

Being an Educator in the Massage Profession, I believe knowledge is power and have shared my knowledge with many students so they could join the community of massage therapists. I bring this passion of learning to my practice and work with my clients so they have an understanding of my approach and can take an active part.

  • Clinically accepted massage techniques blended with Alternative Modalities such as Reiki, Reflexology and Meditation are applied to empower Your Mind, Body and Spirit.
  • Sessions are Client focused and designed to meet your needs for relaxation, pain relief or increased movement.
  • Our sessions can be stand alone treatments or if you are working with another healthcare provider they can be blended to help you reach your goal.

Make your appointment today and experience the change. I welcome new clients. 

Thank you,
Vince Romans